Crossing the Golden Gate Bridge- what a great feeling~

from august to the close of 2012, i rode my bike from los angeles to british columbia, and back down again, stopping in bend, oregon and riding a train to the desert in southwest arizona, where my bike eventually broke down beyond aid of the tools i had on me. the intention of my trip was to search out ecovillages and human habitations in harmony with the earth. what i found on my journey was a gift to me, and as i am circling the next round of my daily metaphorical ride with spirit on the earth plane, i continue to share fodder as it is my delight to write. 2013 is a year of creating. of travel, yet minimally. 2013 is a year of expression and being in the heart center, preparing to root.


Ah, the journey is a good one that is pursued with all of one’s heart. Throughout the past 5 years, I have honed my heart and sought out examples of humans living wholeheartedly on the earth, being real in relationships and seeking to live in harmony. This desire has carried me throughout the United States and into Canada. I have met wonderful people everywhere and in seeing and sharing in their livelihoods, I have focused more in on what it is I want to do while here.

I want to live on the earth in harmony with people and plant, place and purpose. Where this is I am not exactly sure, yet I can feel it coming, my vision is one of heart(h) and home, holistically guided and radically propositioned. A few more travels and I’ll be a-rooting. Within these pages, I sincerely hope you find fodder and fruition to add to your hope in following inner faith in all our relations.

Blessings as we journey on,


enjoying the beach on a rest day at Cape Lookout in Oregon