The monk and I sat on the grass beside the JFK memorial in downtown Dallas. We splayed languidly like big cats and turned on our heads, spinning the world upside down for a time. We had just come out of 10 days of silence filled with 8 or more hours of meditation each day, a Vipassana course.

We were talking about writing, specifically about sharing our individual stories, when he passed on some wisdom he had been given earlier,

Write for the benefit of others.

As he said it, something clicked in me, as if this seed phrase dropped into my fertile soil and sprouted a little cotyledon. Yes, this is a deeper purpose.

And so this sparks the end of this Wrendition of Our Daily Ride. The writer begins again with a new aim, a new intention, a new place for writing, even (which has yet to be determined).

She was just graced with the opportunity to be this year’s resident steward at Helen and Scott Nearing’s Forest Farm in coastal Maine at The Good Life Center and so will have ample fodder in the writing, blessed with many seeds to sow and share and grow. Ever telling stories yet with focused bedrock beneath fertile soil, fueled by directed beams of light.

Write for the benefit of others, she hears, and commits to this aim.

Thanks for all sharing in this blogosphere, without you it just wouldn’t be the same :) much love, may all beings be happy,