Create strings of phrases which
evade. the mind yet ,convey, an intended message… .1

,which hit home (he-/art-h)

which touch, yet slip past the guards

make a necklace of words like tapioca balls conveying an intended message slipping past the tongue down the throat

be straightforward
in the intended ambiguity
noam goes on about the “colorless green ideas sleeping furiously” and we wrote that book together
we must live what we do, “be in it like a pig in shit” (from the sculptor)
and slip intended ambiguities past the guards, stockpile enough wood for winter, write poems about mycelia and fuck like rabbits when spring comes, then set it aflame

do all animals hibernate?
that’s an obvious Nough! bread and butter and when the time comes We’ll find we’re more than enough

Dance the eagle to sleep
Dance the wool to sheep
Allude the alleviates and follow your heart!!