The living is like one long moment
All of my thoughts are begun and continued and nothing ever truly leaves me, only until I am finished with it and will I ever be finished with it? The depths ?

Will I ever reach them or is it not about finishing, completing, wrapping things up and moving on,

Yet about experiencing, being brave to feel and be and not attached to this idea of what I am so much so that I can let myself be to experience it all

The girl in the library yesterday, if she were to turn to me and make up some beef with me Yes I may cry and laugh and scream and then yell back

I have to allow myself to extend and meet the power of these loquitas

I cannot hide or cower or be afraid. So I’m changing That story. What dirt do I have that I’m afraid someone will call me out on and I’ll cower against it? What shame do I still carry?

Ah love…..

In this eternal moment, it’s uncovering itself

It is revealed

Concerned with yet not held by the urge to be understood, to make sense….

This thought stream in the eternal moment is more important to me

… so shake it off! Oh wowoh!