Today marks a first day for me:
First time I mixed clay for plastering outside of an ecovillage setting, First time I’ve created a squat to live in…

All week has been a shmorgasborg of new experiences, stepping to the edge of the comfort zone, dancing new dances, going off the edge…

This morning I was meditating in my friend’s front yard as I’ve committed to doing each week day morning and the whelming feeling coming to me was Let Go. Let go of the breath you’re holding, and the body parts that creek up… Let go of the holding in the midst of the uncertainty that is pervasive in the life right now. Let go and breathe and relax.

Goddess, as in this archtypically feminine force animating the world, is working behind the scenes here. I am sensing it and slowly things are revealing. This wanting to build/craft a structure to live in has been pressing on me for quite some time, and as I sit in it now, candles burning, the sound of highway traffic, power tools, dogs barking predominating… Feet cold (without socks and shoes all day and now the sun has set)… I am so thankful for this opportunity. Many thanks to my dear friend Stan, for his guidance and skills that he is passing on to me, and for his open heartedness.


Where was I? Stan came by and left again, we made some pictures in the interim and hung them on the taut wire cable on the wall.

Sound of the traffic still and flickering lights. The light in the plastered relief is so beautiful lighting up the still-wet clay. The water drop shape is one I’ve been drawing a lot lately. Emotions. Water, creation, womb, ocean…. And I love watching the light glistening within this beautiful, earthy, hand crafted, so organic shape.

The air is chilling and my feet are warmer tucked in cross-legged position.

Tomorrow heading with some friends to Cal Earth, a place of great creativity and ingenuity in the realm of natural building. I’m excited and curious.

Also, I got back on Ok Cupid- being in the city I have a harder time meeting people, and heard from this girl I’m interested in- so I look forward to the possibility of going out with her.

Tonight, Dancing!

That’s all for now….cheers y’all.

Oh, and if you’re interested, I cut the droplet shape out, and then put chicken wire (2 layers) through it and formed the inner shape I wanted. Stapled the chicken wire by the mouth of the droplet and then cut the remainder. We mixed up the earthen plaster then applied it. I’ll be in touch about it as it dries!