Last night I dreamt of a strange thing. Before I went to bed, I watched The Life of Pi, which I liked very much for its beauty and depth. I dreamt that my father and I were on the hunt for this pig. Yet it was a large pig and, once we found it, we discovered it was also a bear. A bear-pig. I brought along this amazing healer-woman I know, who was also half this boy-from-Korea I know. They were witnesses.

So when my dad and I found this bear-pig, he tried to kill it and couldn’t kill it all the way so I dove in with precision and stuck the knife that was in my hand into the hole in its side and punctured it from the inside like a balloon. I remember waking up after that and praying, laughingly, earnestly, that the dream meaning would be revealed to me because I didn’t want to put my mind on something like that.

I got a temp job working construction for my friend. This is exciting for me because in it I am learning the basics of building. Structural work, foundation, tool use. It is a dream of mine to live in a house I have built (with the help of many), and this is a step in that direction! This is a picture from a deck yesterday in the mountains: taco in some screws.

There is a girl in my life who loves to dance. A queer tree-climbing lad with an agile body and a heart of gold. With big dreams, high hopes, expansive capacity, and unlimited possibility. One time she told me that the Goddess whispered to her, saying, Treat life as Play. Go! Try whatever you will- I’ll hold you! I love you forever!!!