At the edge of the Oasis we find
A message of similar rhyme
Don’t go past this sign!

We climb beyond it without much thought, finding ourselves in the cool palm of the desert’s baffling and most magical spot

49 palms to be exact, yet we didn’t count. Many seemed to be charred and brazed with a lick of fire, yet ferns in the desert and pools of water….?

We imagine peoples before us frequenting this spot, declaring it holy and celebrating their luck upon finding water and breezy light shade in the palm of the desert.
And maiden hair ferns where before there were only cacti and plants aplenty sun-baked with haunting desert tones bleached by light and conserving H2O with all their might. Might we survive, they ask the sun… And yet in the calm palm, this desert oasis, these ferns go on growing just as I seen em do in the moist backcountry of Hoosier hollers or in the rainforests of the Hoh in peninsular Washington.
Ferns in the desert? Who woulda thought a water-loving plant’d choose such a spot?