Have you ever had a muse or many or been a muse to another or to many?

I am amused and amusing! It is time, dear readers, to expand the breadth and width and depth of my online offering. (for this I am very excited!)

The intent, shape and content of this blog is shifting. Perhaps even its name will shift, its titles, subtitles, whisperings, As it already is doing organically and slowly, or sometimes in large chunks.

Much of my favorite writing that I share with friends and beloveds is about a-musement, that wonderful state of inspiration via a subjectively perceived object or objects. Ah, the delicious relation of the muse. Expect much of this, dear readers, although I assume these writings of mine will come out from behind leafed awnings and out from lakes slowly and curiously, with some hesitation into the light of day. They are more intimate writings and Oh So Beautiful. They are writings of (inherently) divine union, of the so-called sacred and so-named secular/profane melding meeting and joining in mutual embrace.

This intersection, the joy, beauty, exhilaration, mania, sadness, pain, (im)patience, ecstasy, waiting, jumping, habits and edges, are so rich and some of my favorite fodder.

The same, not the same. Our Daily Ride cycles on and expands and contracts, expands and contracts. Indeed, the heart of the blog will stay the same, yet more parts of the body of my wordplay will be exposed for pleasure, perusal, pardon, plenty and perception. Enjoy~ and may your childfires like wildfires ignite and inflame and soar the same.

A clay piece formed by me and my friend Stan and fired and resting now, A Trasque