This is an experiment, I hope the .m4a shows up and you can listen to the song! If not, I’ll do some fiddling tomorrow and link it to

Yesterday morning I awoke in the canyon, after a near freezing night, to the sounds of moving water and fresh morning light. A song was evoked!

It’s called White Leafed and Bright
here are it’s lyrics:

white light leafed
fresh canyon stone
those who know
we who’ve known
white canyon stone
in morning light after after
fresh morning stone
leaves twinkle
sink deeply
drink sweety
fresh mountain light
on leaves and stone
together ne’er alone (2x)
dream deeply my sweetly
fresh mountain light in
fresh mountain air
stay here
stay near, beloved
health + hope I wish for you
stay true
within beloved
take those steps which serve like
fresh morning light
white leafed and bright


edit: for those who can’t access the .m4a, here is a link to it on soundcloud.