I am thankful for this community! On the morn of my departure sitting in the garden I am aware of my great need to wholisitically cocreate in unity with other beings, free will, open mind, and open heart. This community has great love and unity, the catch is that each individual must sacrifice their will to the collective will and set their minds on the group mind which is governed by the beliefs of the 12 tribes communities that have evolved over time from the biblical traditions.

My entire time here I have sought to understand how to connect with these people and I have tried very hard. They have shared great love with me, providing me with every material need, yet I have found that I cannot fully connect with them unless I surrender to the group mind. Judgment aside, this community is beautiful and is producing good fruit, which, as they say, is the truth of any tree.

However, this has taught me that I am not willing to wash my brain in This way in order to know communal love.
I deeply long for and am set in a well-spring of love and cocreative union within the context of free minds, open hearts and free wills. I will not settle for less than this on the earth. At the table last night as I expressed this, many dissented and said it is not possible. Yet I have seen it true and it is this that I pursue. With this intention, I go again on my way.

Thank you great spirit of ever-love for the creative struggle to be a full-spectrum human, all chakras spinning in union with the wholly wedding of heart, mind, spirit in ecstatic harmony with the earth and galactic story. You hold me in your hand I’m your hand I feel you within and we mirror you without, geniuses cocreating gene i us. Aho, all my relations, I believe! Blessings on this place for helping me to hone my intention and my vision.