Dear New Year,

Create an abundance, live in joy beauty good food creation connection with the earth and it’s beings and my fellow humans, shift the paradigm of greed and storing away for the individual (of the stashing and hoarding variety) to one of great abundance and free sharing within community.

~In line with the bodhisattvas that have vowed before me, I vow in humbleness and in gratitude to the Spirit of Oneness which flows through all to live with an open heart and hearth sharing in line with the Highest Good.

I give thanks in this moment as I align myself with the Highest Good, as my heart opens and love from the entire universe flows in and my fears for my own well being flow out as I remember the great care and provision of the universe. I vow to live as an example of this connection in all humility and love. Some know it as the Christ consciousness and it is to this I vow and bow as I walk humbly with all my relations.

Sitting on the surf in San Clemente. It was dark this morning and I waded through my accumulations praying for light and guidance. My heart’s desire burned away all of the dross as I circled along another rim of the Great Dancing Spiral I call my life. As I reflect on the past year’s creativity, I connect with all life and feel all potential and possibility flow through as I remember who I am and celebrate the power of creative love that I am gifted to wield in this world. Thank you great spirit and all my relations as my heart is streaming light, I pour my cup to empty wherever it is needed and know mine will be filled again from the source within, meeting a variety of disguises without. Great thanks Great thanks!

Laughter and knowing, sending these words flowing across the cyber sphere for any ear that wants to hear and give a cheer for this new year’s dear dear infinite gear.

Love in abundance from my heart to yours, to ours,
Ecovillage, partnership, divine purpose and union, connection intimate with the earth and animals and plants, I love you
Excitement, thanks, knowledge of Ability to manifest in alignment with my essential nature and divine unfolding,
This gold of union, Ini, writing, alignment, friendship, joy, creation, collaboration, riding the wave and dancing, in the dark, in the light- with the divine spark

Thanks love!