Be prolific, I hear
Write what is up for you
Write the life, I hear again
And let nothing stop you

Be prolific like the persimmon
Spotted from the road
Drop seeds everywhere
Who can say when one
Will take and how’t’ll grow

Roots are like elephants
Or maybe like their trunks
Sucking water from the earth
In streams and not big chunks

Suckle and sip the nutrient:
Be like the elephant and draw your water deep/ Sure the path seems steep

Yet you’ve never feared a leap

Or if you have you’ve checked it twice
And stepped up to the line, toed it

Gotten to know it/ then waggled back, to get a drink of water/ next charging ahead, like the ‘phants in the Sahara

Always, nearly

Begged and by this question led:
What would I do instead?