Laurie at the indie bookstore in South Pasadena placing Earthy, a chapbook by Wren Haffner


I am feeling very blessed on this day, an outpouring and influx of love and beauty streaming from my heart. Between final edits and cocreating with the printing press on Colorado blvd, I’ve spent much of my day in various states of meditation, inward and feeling the beauty and possibility in being a life on this planet right now. My heart is flowing and I’m so thankful! And the chapbook is a dream realized, and I’m really excited in sharing it with the world.

A delightful melody of blessings and love and heart shinings (and for those who want them, slobbery and wet puppy kisses) as we enter the darkest night of the year, the rebirth of ourSelves in the world, and celebrate the solstice.

I love you.