The sky danced with night devils as darkness fell. The pilgrim was beset with a new challenge, one that made her laugh, wonder and cry out, what now?!

At eventide, after the pilgrim had communicated with her lover from a week ago, she set off from the rest stop heading east on the 10 toward eastern arizona. As she pulled out and put her front tire to the asphalt, lumpy boulders and wide open space abutted by blue expanse surrounding, a familiar pop sounded.

Yes, sure enough, a rear spoke: her only demise, as she does not have a chain whip or rear crank wrench. This, the spoke that broke the camel’s back. As the pilgrim felt and thought upon her journeys and possibilities, she realized she is done with the bike tour for now. Waiting for a ride in the right direction, pilgrim drew and sketched in her Book as this calms and focuses the pilgrim.

Finally a ride came and carried her off to the next town where she had a good night’s sleep filled with many dreams. When she awoke, she collected big boxes and a role of tape to repurpose to fit her bike. She mused on all of the things she had seen, all of the places experienced and people felt along the way. She imagined her current needs and desires and felt that it is time to put the bike to rest. For now.

With a chuckle, the pilgrim carried her box atop her head a few miles across town to the supposed greyhound station, which she discovered was closed until the evening departure time. She left her box with the morgue across the street and glided across town to retrieve her trailer, picking up a kombucha along the way.

As the traveler returned to the hotel, she spied a hawk circling above, widening in higher turns with each expansive rotation. She sang heartfelt praises to great spirit, knowing her path is blessed and unfolding just right. She thanked hawk for giving her perspective and just then crow flew by in harmony.

The pilgrim is probably heading to LA, where she will give massages and make love to herself extravagantly, grounding herself with care, restoring her resources after all of the travel. The details have yet to be worked out… Yet this is where the fun begins.