We met in the jumping light of a fire at night. She was cackling and singing wild-like and when our eyes met my heart jumped in joy in recognition

You! I cognized, mezmorized.

There are magical people everywhere.
There is magic in people everywhere.

We hugged as we departed for the night. Who is this mysterious syster, Where does she come from, what does she do

She’s does yoga, I am told, and as we hug the words escape my lips, What kind of yoga do you do?

The hug feels like a warming orchestra, I am melting my rigid structures and patterns of holdings in the melodious playing of our energies

She grabs me tighter and encourages urgently, breeeeeathe, breathe into there. Deeper.

I feel the tightness like a lump in my belly

Our breathing deepens and unifies, I feel the galaxies in this moment, firing, swirling, churning

I feel the Life force wrestling inside

We cackle and laugh as Ones Who Know, Who Are Known

We separate, eyes aglow, lips wide curved upward

Twinkling, she spurts at me in a voice like water running low in a canyon, That’s the kind of yoga that I do!

We erupt in unison, lights flashing and falling from our selves like a dusting of snow in the wind

I walk away into the dark incredulous, aflame and in wonder at the Touching, at the magic of two Souls embracing

This is alchemy, this is relationship