When I left Los Angeles in August there was no way to know what experiences awaited in the coming months. I left with a feeling of hope, excitement, anticipation, even.

It’s clear to me now why I am cycling the face of the earth. This, a vision quest. This, a seeking toward something bigger, something yet unknown within and without. This, an unfolding into a more expansive vision of how I, we, can choose to live.

The air is biting my fingers as I type. It feels cold like ice. Today I’ve been craving. My senses, in a rush for comfort and grounding, are screaming, Chocolate cake, bread and melting butter, wiiiiine as dark as you can find, any burger will do! In my emotional fragility and state of uncertainty or challenge, it’s amazing how loud these voices become. It’s equally amazing how a nib of chocolate or piece of bread calms them for a time.

Across the landscape in many towns these are the loudest voices calling out to the majority of townspeople. This is my assumption based on the prevalence of places to get these goods: liquor stores, fast food, bakeries aplenty. If the people’s demand was different, different stores would line the streets. And, in some towns, they do, but I’m talking majority here.

I keep coming back to this on my vision quest. Seeing How people are choosing to live and imaging How I want to live.

The week before I left in August, I was pouring over The Timeless Way of Building. I am very inspired by this book. One of its main threads comes back to me continually as I envision my future creating: humans can do all of the “inner work” they want, but at some point in order to go further, an outer environment which also supports the creative human spirit is necessary.

I feel called to create human habitations which support health in human beings. Buildings which, instead of stifling the human spirit, support it in flowing to new heights of potential. To me this looks to nature, to learn from the True Master, implementing patterns seen there to create harmonious human habitats. On my journey, I’ve had the opportunity to spend time in dwellings which reflect this timeless way, and over and again I heard myself say, “this building feels so good!”

There is something freeing about buildings like these. I want to create a whole village of them!

Recently on the vision quest I’ve been seeing myself, knocking up against and flowing with some challenges. I am learning myself, my fears and the challenging aspects of my personality. The key to this is love and acceptance. Force and pushing, especially without love and acceptance, doesn’t serve anymore. Instead, I’m giving myself space to birth, to come alive and come to the point where I am ready for my next grounded step.

This is a challenge of late, a challenge I am facing every day! It comes and goes- the hard parts and easy parts. Now, I need to get back riding- I’m getting cold and tempted to eat all of my carob and spirulina chunks! ~ciao