I’ve landed for the evening at a warmshowers in Bend. One thing which comes to mind as I sit here on the couch drinking a warm tea after a nice 45 miler is the incredible synergistic power inherent in certain relationships.

I’ve had a taste of this over the past few years. It is an experiential knowing I didn’t think of until experiencing it myself. It is mainly this:

Humans, perceived as multidimensional entities in part seen in the 3-D and part subtle and etheric energy centers, have the capability to synergize with one another on multi-dimensional levels, the whole being greater and more dynamic that the parts alone. By synergize I also depict the creation of realities which were impossible or inconceivable alone, but, in allowing natural growths to occur within the relationship, take on an “of-courseness” and allow the relationship to manifest realities birthed from the union.

This is the alchemy of relationships! When humans, open to realizing and living in their full potential, grow toward full-spectrum holistic (spiritual, emotional, mental, physical, environmental, relational) reality on the earth, are offered the power of this, we are able to grow much faster, realizing our full and true potential, than if we grow in isolation.

As I sit here, I realize that this is one of the main motivating factors for me to choose to live in tribe (in relationships with humans rooting with the earth)- to experience the natural and dynamic alchemy of relationship! Alone I can do much, yet it is through communicative, open, honest, growth-oriented relationships that I and we can realize our full potentials and live as integrated human beings in service and healing on the earth.

As an example of some of the alchemies taking place of late: at the ecovillage, I met a human, Ini, with whom I have great sparking and connection. When I am with Ini, parts of me come out which really want to grow and which, within the container of our relationship, find space to flourish and strengthen. One part I am especially in love with and want to focus on is the part of me which longs and needs to ground on the earth, to make a home and create living systems which support and encourage life. Ini and I want to support this grounding synergy which comes up between us so we are open to visions of landing somewhere together to create grounded reality on the earth somewhere.

At the village I also met a woman who provided such a mirror for me that, though we only spent a weekend in shared space, I felt many different aspects of myself come out, wanting to be seen and grow in the light. She brought out jealousy, love, intense feelings of fiery passion in terms of manifesting my calling, and an intense honesty which I could not ignore. Just being in this woman’s presence, I was called out to shift, to transform.

It is relational opportunities which call me out for which I live. I can do so much growth on my own, yet this relational alchemy is part of the next steps of my growth as a full-spectrum human. As a wise one before me wrote, we do not exist alone nor for ourselves alone, yet in connection with all living beings.

I hope to write on this more in the future, for I see it as an interesting field which I Iike to explore, share findings, and continually learn from others’ experience.

What are some of your experiences of relational alchemy?