I smell of veitver, a smell to remind me of Ini. In Hood River now @ Mother’s, a health food store on the edge of town. As I was exiting the interstate today, a trucker blew his tire just before he passed me. He glared at me incredulously,”If you were 20 ft back, that blast would’ve happened right next to you.”

He shakes his head and I ride off knowingly. I had felt that a tire would blow near me today. Very thankful to be safe. Last night I slept at a closed Oregon state park. The stars were incredible. I was alone in the dark. I dreamt and woke three times. My phone’s been dead all day up until now, charging it at Mother’s, so I didn’t know the time until now, only the sun, air temperature and fog and cloud layers which give me an estimate of when in the day I am. I stopped at an overlook earlier. From there I saw the entire width of the Columbia River.

I was struck by the beauty of the river, the craggy and dramatic shore, and the twirling movement of the water in places, and, as I had just read an interpretive sign detailing life of the gentler people who lived here for thousands of years, imagined native peoples in canoes on the water. I saw a fish jump and then I called in the spirit of Bald Eagle, an animal guide of mine of late. As Eagle, I saw the river and felt myself morph Eagle’s character into the presence. Far sight, Big Picture. Meditated and efficient yang action. Independence, power and patience.

I drank mate and felt Eagle’s presence, felt myself as Eagle. Saw the big picture of my life, of life, and then recognized, remembered the beauty of the Earth. This is enough, I thought once more, and my heart rejoiced as earth love flowed through. I felt deep gratitude and oneness in that moment, a connection which restores, encourages and enlivens. I started to sing from my depths, joining the noise of semis and a host of cars roaring under the cliffs below. Singing chants without “words” from my heart, at the top of my lungs. The song became the beauty of the earth, a celebration of the beauty and wholeness which fills and of which I am a part, of which I am a holographic reflection. My heartfelt song is the song of the earth. I am a voice of the earth.

I remembered again another reason I am riding my bike now; for the love of union with the earth. Let’s celebrate this, brothers and sisters! It brings joy to my heart to know the inherent worth and beauty of the earth. She is so full and can supply all we need. With her, we can co-create food and medicinal forests, sustainably harvesting what we need and create these with beauty, collaboration, vision and joy.

This is our mutual gift, together and with the earth.

Thank you Great Mother for your abundant resources, for your healing and enjoyable beauty. I pray we have eyes to see today.