When I finally learned in this lifetime the level of my greatness…

Now, on a hill in Portland near amanita muscaria

…That it is on par with the great leaders I’ve come across already in this lifetime
They are many and in my dancing with them I have been empowered, drawn mysteriously, intimidated, challenged, fucked, loved, inspired, healed, helped, recognized, seen

These are my mirrors, simultaneously lovable, intimidating- yet, if fear is turned on its side, it is seen as a fire and fire Kindles, fire sparks, fire burns away all that isn’t fire until only fire remains

Fire is a catalyzing agent, fire gets things moving, some people can walk calmly on coals, yet most jump at fire

Fire burns and the wind which brings fire is spirit, Divine Inspiration in its truest form

In choosing to accept these mirrors, the fire turns from in-timidation to empowerment. In seeing you I also see my potential.

It is Me, my character
I am the leader of the community I’ve been looking for

I am the creator of the home I’ve been looking for

What more skills do you need before it is time to sit down and create the community you’ve been looking for? I ask myself

People skills= flexing my leadership skills

It doesn’t mean that people will always like me

The only way to do this journey is with Complete love in mySelf and Complete belief that I am empowered to do what I am called to do

Sitting in the trailer with Kim at OUR, reading my numerology for this lifetime: my growth opportunity is leadership

What has held me back up until now is fear of being too controlling, fear of my power (holding it over people instead of empowering others), making others feel lesser (I am not responsible for anyone else’s emotional response in relation to me), not identifying what I want and need (balancing the dark mysterious growth of spirit with self control, knowing myself)….

Lots of it boils down to a fear of my greatness, a fear of my power. This goes back to being great at most everything growing up and feeling bad that other people weren’t gifted in the ways I was gifted. Everyone has their gifts. I accept mine. I release this holding myself back for fear that others will feel little beside me. Everyone chooses how they feel, after all. As m. Williamson’s great quote goes, Me playing it small does not serve the world.

Well today on this hill, my Spirit is calling forth from all the power and love in the Universe: you are so big; step into your bigness in all love, all power, all possibility and dreams

Today is a magical day, another unfolding, a gift

I am thankful for the space provided by Monica to rest, to collect myself, to balance comfort and brazen action, to see the beauty of the clouds moving in the sky

I know what I want

I want to create a space, create community space, hold a container

Of health vitality healing earth human and all life relationships

I know what I want
I want to be great, as my Spirit calls from me
I want to change my world with my gifted vision
I want to call and respond to brothers and sisters around the world and in my immediate

I want to embody wise woman
To walk my chosen and unique path in this lifetime

To stop apologizing for my greatness and power in love, beauty, vision, boldness and connection

To dare my dreams

To make mistakes without letting fear hold me back, to hold myself in my choices in all love

To be the greatest me I can be

I was raised in a socio-economic place of power. Education came easy to me. I have white skin and am currently at the top of the totem pole culturally speaking in terms of looks and social acceptableness. I accept this. I let go of any shame or guilt surrounding this reality.

I have the medicine of the shapeshifter, I can slide in and out of most social situations gracefully. I accept and use this natural ability.

I surrender to my gifts, my path and to the Universe

Let’s do it!

Don’t forget, I am simply your mirror as you are mine: did this spark you? How so? I’d love to hear it!