At Saff and friends’ house this morning. They got ears on the walls and magical treasures everywhere. Cat skeletons, jars and jars of herbs, a whole apothecary, lichens freshly brought in, nooks and crannies for altars and looms. It reminds me of the joys and pleasures of rooting, of choosing place and loving it. It excites me, this groundedness and invigorates me with future possibilities.

Saff and I met one evening near Lake Quinault on the other side of the peninsula. She was cycling around for a few days and we shared the evening together near a fire. She taught me about some of the edible berries of the NW and we found that we have mutual friends. She said, if you’re ever round my neck of the woods, let’s lend some ears!

Cheers to magical ears, cyclical friends and help with maps; thanks Saff!