She says I wish gentleness for you

She says Be kind to yourself

They say Thank you for doing Our Work

He says I love you full and wide and I always will no matter what

They say We don’t want you to go

I say to all of this I know
I don’t want to go

And yet I leave to love these parts of me that aren’t yet seen, careening in the dream

I have a hermit part that needs a voice, needs to strengthen and lengthen

Where is the hermit within a community

As I was singin earlier It’s not that I don’t like you, sometimes I just prefer being alone

Ima love that part just as it is

Still being in the unknowin, sometimes a little scary not knowin where I’m goin

And here’s where I trust the flowing
And get back to that one verse
“i let go and let God”
In tha uni-verse

Forgivin myself and everyone everything
Please forgib me if I hurt u
Lovin and acceptin all parts of myself
Like I said, nothin’s on the shelf

I was gibben the turkey medicine from the ecovillage, turkey gets all gobbled up gives all of herself for the whole It’s unconditional love y’all in the awareness that we’re one and the same With different faces and names

Now it boils down to
What part do I play
In the universal way
Ima see what happens
When i don’t give any sway