Woman aflame
Woman on fire
Woman a pyre
Taking it higher

Woman a voice
Woman a throat
Woman afloat
In a safety boat

Woman of vision
Woman of sight
Woman of the night
Bringing treasure de-light

Woman weaving
Woman spun
Woman beginning
Woman done

Woman alone
Woman together
Woman of bone
Woman of feather

Woman of fucking
Woman wed
Woman solo
All ways spread

Woman sticky woman
Woman like glue
Spider woman poised and centered

Are you coming to her?
She to you?

Woman aflame in the fires
In the cauldron in the stew
Sisters as torches and kindling
And brothers too

Woman alive

A rash woman
A woman of matches


Woman in heat
I am an animal

“you are fully rooted,” she offers me a reflection

Raging furnace, fan the fires keep em going, a rash, tempestuous woman, throat aflame, heart pure, without thought

A rash and hasty woman

Thunder thighs, fire in her belly

Sufi Sufi so you say Why not be utterly changed into fire

Fan the flames so she says

Woman woman! Woman on fire
I am in heat, engulfing my surroundings, everything’s fodder

I am aflame, in-sane, fully em-powered

I am woman afire, attracting as is natural

A fire in the woods at night, I am made of light

Attracting, attracting, full display

I am a woman on fire, a woman at play
Worship, consumed, like a moth to the flame
But, most importantly, come if you are pulled, come to co-create

Woman aflame a rash on her belly
Her mission like Kali to di-spell the truth in folly

Wiggling her hair gems fall everywhere,
Fairy dust with every thrust

She is goddess
This is me
Present, grounded,
Full I Be

A woman in heat, none best to mess
She’s not for the coddling or holding
She’s hot, more like molten
Fire I speak and fire I breathe
Fire in the belly and fire all around me
Consuming passion I’ve let go
Light in the matrix, all shadows a-show

A woman in heat, well isn’t that neat
A woman aflame and no one’s to blame
It’s the universal spark which’s in her now
Holy India we’re talking holy cow

Showing up in mySelf
No where else to be
Nothing on the shelf
It’s all here now, fire and fodder
Cycles of birth and death now
Happening as a rudder

Woman as fire woman as flame
Nothing else the same
Nothing as the same

Woman as transfiguration transformer transmuter, all lead into gold if it’s not gold already get ready get steady

For the fire’s a’comin to all who choose
There’s really nothing to lose
And everything to gain
Cuz you see it’s all the same
Let the fire take the pain
Give the struggle to the flame

Sit in the dark and wrestle with the spark
It’s all universal mystery speaking to me

I heard it in my bones when I was all alone
In a group or by myself I learned and heard
What cant be earned or bought or caught
Only what’s burned and yearned

Woman, stay in your longing
In the firey belly, no one to show for
Only treasures galore as it all meets the flame
And light makes dark and light again
Burning churning whirlingin the universal game

Come alive
Come now