I love the dark of unknowing
Here I know the present
Hear I am aflame

Woman on fire
Woman as fire
Woman a flame

In the dark juices coagulate A silence fills the void and every voice surfaces

Oh my love I am purified, I am refreshed in your dark:
Longing to be held, I feel a supportive embrace
Screaming in rage, I become silent
What I couldn’t see in the light, I have known in the dark
The dark is being in faith, the dark repeats Trust

Dark you teach, Mystery the process in you is the way to further growth. In the dark all of the fears come to the surface, releasing

In the not-knowing
The unknowing
there is comfort
There is freedom from the pressure and constraint of knowing, of needing to know

In the dark I am called to relinquish full control and I find a comfort I’ve not known in the light

It is a deepening
As roots grow into the earth
feeling in the dark
Channeling toward nourishment