A woman plods along planting daffodils at the base of fruit trees, she digs in the earth with a stick, with her finger

The sun is shining and she scrapes the earth like an animal mindlessly
She sits on the earth or squats like a rock, moving from tree to tree like a cloud in the sky, where is the mind, full mind
She sits in the garden and it is like being with a lover, the way her body relaxes and breath becomes deep

This is the process of allowing life, this is the process of realization (and not that there’s anywhere to be or anything to do than here, now)

You might need to shove a stick in the hole… Just to keep the door up, Jesse yells to Raegen as she is near the door latch that is always needing attention

A mouse burrows and gnaws beneath me
The sun beams on my back
I feel my lower lip muscles tense like fish lips

This is the process of letting go, another layer of the onion, another moon cycles through, and I find myself here, embodied, where I always am

A woman moves along the face of the earth, circling trees with daffodils in a bucket, she isn’t doing anything
She plants precious hidden jewels of bursting yellow color that will surprise and remind the earth for a time each season
I am planting daffodils, the bulbs like precious stones in my hand, I am not doing anything

What could be more important
I am planting little yellow suns to spring from the earth,
what is this new birth
What is this new birth
Brown and rounded gems are returning in circles at the base of trees, in spring the fields are full of then

Where else to be
Where else to do