I now know what is meant by the dark matter between her legs
The void the space of creation the space the universe explodes launching forth ecstatic play Giggles light up the night My pen is like water channeling toward the ocean You think this is me writing

Life so easily grows over us Who is it that says what the human is supposed to do We are drawn toward our lessons our addictions feed (on) us until they don’t Trees fall in the woods and, sitting in a place for some time, you become the space, the space grows over you, into you. One would think I’ve been here aeons, but what I mean to say is that I have that there is no time only learning only sharing only loving, feeling, fucking, hurting, forgiving, communicating

The days cycle the sun finding its bed shortly before I do. The animals belong to this The sheep they sit and ruminate with the day The sheep are the day I walk up to them semen and bloody mucus elastic between pointer and thumb one of them remembers me, the Grandma who still nurses, grandchildren even The old one I channeled star energies into the day she was dying in her feces She walks before me, licks my fingers clean
How can I write with everything buzzing around me like it is The plants are stretching beneath me How can I too stretch back to memory as my own cells slough off before my very eyes I need to cut my fingernails again
When I gave myself over to Everything I had no idea that I would start to get rashes all over my torso, a sign of blocked energy I had no idea I would have virusy blisters pop up on my right hand in three places That the birds, spiders, wind and trees would start to talk to me That my being, as an entity, would become like a big magnet attracting shit and gold more intensely than before Or that I would have eyes to see these things and ears to hear
I know when the gold comes but the shit creeps at night it circles the premises and haunts- I know the meaning of that word! My own shit reaches out, gold dust in this too dripping into the winds from my fingertips I am a good witch, I am You can offer me every highly prized and hidden alchemical process, I’ll stick with the moss between my toes, the bark I can sink teeth into Take the Chaff and leave the grain
Winnow winnow buzz buzz think I’m writing just because it’s like the sheep laying in the sun at even tide it’s like the turning of water into wine the way my lover says to me I want to plant garlic with you All of this is true
A bee is lost in a pink flower on some mustard My lover comes into me and the joyous laughter of a thousand suns enters the room How do you spell spell and why
Forget This and you will be free Forget This and you will be free Forget this and you will be free I know what she means I know what she means!
Beat and Winnow winnow winnow beat and winnow
Beat beat
The time came right onto her belly this time She hasn’t washed it off Living as reminder Living as trophy
Fill up the treasure chest he said There! You see it! There, where your treasure is! Your heart is there too. Forsake the world and so command the world.
The way her web strand bounced up and down, slowly- or back and forth, depending on how ya look at it The sun hit it here or there The sun hit and I could see it
Is this making any sense?
What did you come here looking for?