I feel connected to the Pleiades and am getting messages about transmitting divine energies from this star cluster. A very higher chakra activity, I am conscious of the need to be grounded in this work.

This is balanced with a direct and deep connection with the earth. With her rhythms and cycles, soil and earthworms, the fruits of her body. Last night in the kitchen Ini and I were moving a beet, carrot and cabbage ferment (what brilliant colors!) into smaller jars. Taking big mouthfuls as we went, we noticed how this food felt so necessary to our bodies. I feel I ache and yearn for ferments on some deep level. Growing a beet, eating a beet. Growing a beet, putting it in a brine solution for a month, eating a beet. What a difference. These fruits of the earth are directly connected to my well-being. They enhance the life flowing through me- Make me stronger, more clear, more energized and Alive. The process of planting the beet, preparing the soil, weeding around it if the case may be, and harvesting is all so life-giving and deeply nourishing as well.

As I am connecting to the stars, receiving and channeling their bounties of love, peace, joy, divine connection and realization, I am also aware of deeply rooting in the earth. Feeling the wiggling and stretching of the chakras lower in my body, knowing the dirt on my feet and hands, the sun fingering my body, the moon in my eye, the wind blowing yellow leaves from the trees in magic symphony, and the cooler temps coming in at night into the morning.

I am aware of divine connection and realization on both ends. My form, earth walking between the two worlds, as a manifestation of the two worlds, as divine play in the balance of time.

I am aware of the bounties on both ends and find it my joy and purpose to be connected to the stars as well as to the snap peas.