what is that rooster’s name? he has some funny name like tim buc tu or something, but i can’t remember it.

late last week i was watching the kids of the ecovillage while the community held a Community Justice Circle around an event that happened (this is a whole nuther great story!). as we were walking from the housing outskirts of the ecovillage toward the gardens, kitchen, meeting areas, etc, tim buck (or whatever his name is!) attacked one of the children. i looked behind me to see him flying up the ninas back, white wings flapping as he bit her rear. the little girl screamed, cried for all she was worth as the other children flocked to remove the rooster from her. i coddled her as she cried, alarmed.


in the next days, talk of the rooster flared. he also tried to attack Chester, an old light-color labrador retriever. chester didn’t stand for it and the rooster almost had his neck bit in half. humans had to pull chester off the lucky cock.


each time i walk by the henhouse and spy the rooster on the prowl i keep an eye on him, feeling his hot eyes on my back, his beady eyes inspecting my calves for a ripe spot into which to sink his spurs. he hasn’t charged me, well, not until this morning.

what a clear and bright morning it was. the community held a youth convergence yesterday and we’ve hosted a school group all week so youth and adults have flowed throughout the space scheduled and as they please. yesterday brought many activities including a sweat lodge which i would have loved to share in, but from which i was excluded due to the powerful blood streaming from my body over the last week up to now. according to tradition, which still stands here today, women who are in their moon phase hold special power during that time and so are not permitted in the sweat when everyone’s energies are closer to the surface. i took special and sacred solo space yesterday and fell asleep alone to the sounds of a community dance party and bonfire.

after collectively and in each in our own ways moving so much through in the light of the full moon, i woke up restored and clear, cozy in my sack in the tripod which i previously posted a picture of. i meandered toward the kitchen with the mind to co-craft a superfood smoothie for ini and myself, and possibly annabelle, as is the joyful pattern of most mornings. as i neared the rooster, named laksh mi sing (just yelling to jesse, the one who mainly cares for the animals, who is taking his clothes from the line, i am reminded of the rooster’s name), as i neared laksh mi sing, i sensed a different energy this morning. he was watching me. and so i watched him.

quick as the realization struck, he ran toward me, beak pointed at the soft spot behind my knees. before laksh had a chance to strike, i turned and, remembering all of the gusto inherent in my legs from my soccer days, i kicked him in the face with a force to score on a world-cup goalie. it took two kicks for the sing to stumble away, disoriented. he wandered to the henhouse door as if to seek refuge in his flock.

it felt good, it feels good to restore balance to this relationship. here are my boundaries laksh me. remember them, or i’ll remind you. and so this marks the day that laksh me knows that Those-Who-Walk-on-Two-Legs are not beings to mess with.