living as spirit matters

there’s a religion which believes the future holds union, bliss, divine connection

there are many religions which believe this

and so many people who hold onto this idea


this implies that though humans, the earth and its offspring, have spirit and make contact with Spirit, there is always some greater, far-off fullness to inherit upon death from the physical form

this leaves humans who hold these thoughts (implicitly, unconsciously, etc) waiting

pulled from the pressing present into some future paradise
the thing about the future is that we never really get to experience it until it’s here, in the present
the only embodied reality is the present, what we experience right now
the future is an idea in our mind, an imagining, a story we tell ourselves

and this is great! with our minds and imaginative story-weaving powers, we can dream up futures to work toward in the present. with these powers new realities can be brought into the material plane, lived, incarnate.

the thing is, the waiting for future union is often tied with the belief that it only happens after death of the physical form.

what i’m here to clarify is that it is possible to live as spirit matters. read the slanted part again. by matters i do not only mean Is of importance or value, but i also imply Is embodied. to bring into matter, into the material plane, usher into corporal form. this is the future paradise of the religions, often interpreted to happen after physical death.

what i’m here to clarify, and many are here now with this message, many have come before pointing the way, is that our ultimate mission is to connect Spirit with Matter, with earth, with what matters. to realize life as spirit. all of life, right now. often the divide between spirit, the sky, light, divine qualities and states of being and the earth plane is great and total. there are times for spirit connection, alone and in group, and then there is the rest of the life, lived on the material plane, engaged in practical, artistic, etc earth activities.

what i most want to say is that i choose to bring spirit into all of these activities. to realize that i am spirit (connected to Great Spirit) and so realize that all of my actions, movements, and beingness are a part of eternity, are a part of the divine flow, are a peace of the whole.

we all have spirits and we all have earth lives. in a balanced life the earth life, spirit life and imaginative/rational life of the mind flow and feed one another.

there is no future paradise. the time for melding within and without is now. if we read again the words of those who have come before, the words of whom one great and massive religion is founded and based, we find this truth:

Neither shall they say, Lo, here! or, There! for lo, the kingdom of God is within you. (luke 17:21)

Like the cow, Bossy, i woke up to outside of the wooden shelter yesterday morning, chewing grass, I’ve ruminated on these things for many years now. chewing off bits of truth here and there, swallowing them as i needed, processing in the gut, throwing them back up, biting off more, masticating, integrating them again…and again.

i am at this point to begin to bring this into words, to regurgitate what i feel and know and translate it into the magic of words which create and inform reality. yesterday i read about a new totem in my life, Spider. With ancient and primordial language Spider weaves the two realities together (Spirit and Earth) bringing mystery and divine truth into reality. i am called to this as one of my divine purposes and i choose to answer that call in joy, courage, standing in divine inspiration. i see myself as a channel, as a conduit through which divine truths can move. we all have this within. i choose to listen, to allow, and to share.

living as spirit matters
what will this look like as our daily ride cycles on, with or without the bike, knowing that each day is a divine ride gifted from the mystery. as spirit embodies matter, what will be created on the material plane? what earth and spirit lessons await? how will the great melding appear as it matures, develops, dies and is reborn?

i am curious, excited, even warmly contented now knowing that as i type spirit matters, has mattered, matters as the whole thing eternally!