Just as i tear the roof down in my Love, I must embody She-Who-Stands-In-Her-Power

With all of the accompanying elements
Such as rage and spitfire
Anger as rumblous as thunder
The apparent Sweetness of the alder who also tucks venom in her sack

She-Who-Lives can no longer
Has never been able to
Fly free
Being Sweet as the pie that grandma made
Takin two to tango it’s time Tansy, Tabatha, Tessa, and Talbertha! wrestle dem bulls by the horns and in-corporate Literally bring into the body
All those ways of being that daddies didn’t say was sweet or nice like the apple pie grandma made

It ain’t no time for embodied sweetness
We got that covered like icing on top
We been doing that long enough
Sucking on our tongues and coddling our cheeks between our teeth as the frog and tadpoles nurse the lining in our throats

Now is the time for Full-Spectrum-Woman
Who can say Fuck You in the same breath she whispers to a lover If tha lover be acting up

You see, in the incoming reality there won’t be no acting up or laying down

Not for the yin nor for the yang

But cycling as the seasons the two rotate in eternal release Balanced
Give and take
In the dance of life

There ain’t no constant up and down when it comes ta equals,
An ever-swaying center
Pouring water from one cup to another
Back and forth watching the balance shift
Meeting in the middle