It is said that life is to be unexpected
Or maybe unexpectable

I am an unfolding Eye of the universal mystery
As are you
Seeing all that we can see and being all that we can be as, moving, we liken in the e’er expanding synergies of It All playing harmoniously

And what can I say
I am learning what a gift We be and to give and receive as it comes easy It seems touching on eternity and glimpsing peaces of the whole storee Of which you and I are a part
An integral peace of the whole

Having opportunities to grow the gifts allotted me, like now sharing Reiki Massage and EFT (emotional freedom techniques), getting in the flow with these and having teachers, encouragers and people with whom to share the gifts

And it’s a gift!
I came here to this, OUR ecovillage, with the intention to stay a few days at most and following my heart, being in my heart, I find I fit, I love it here, I am in love here gifting so much

It all unfolds!

I want to share this with you all and thank you for being a part of the Eternal Life which is happening all in and all around us