This morning I woke up before the sun. Okay, mainly because I had to pee, but I was also so excited because It’s My Birthday! 9/13 is a very special day for me and the numbers are very special for me as well. I see them everywhere and feel really great when they’re around. I feel a sense of alignment, even perfection or wholeness, when I see then.

Last night I stayed up way past my usual bedtime with two new southbound cycling friends from Toronto, Peter and Ryan, out on beach gazing at the stars and glimpsing an occasional shooting star. We talked about the milky way and the spine of the galaxy, and were in awe of the length of it stretching from the ocean horizon on the left to a big neck stretch head tilt back to the rear right tree line. The fact that it exists and I can see it is incredible, mind-boggling to me.

As I see more beautiful and amazing natural features, I think of our relation to them and how it is these things of the earth that are so valuable to me which human populations usually serve to diminish, taint or degrade. I feel one of my missions on this trip is to exude a sense of wonder, to share reminders of this inherent worth and value of our earth. For it only takes one to experience it for herself and she will know what I reference, and so stand eyes wide open, mouth agape, heart full. Wonder is inexhaustible and fulfilling. As one of my sweet aunts wrote in an email to me, I bet you enjoy just opening your eyes in the morning.

As I open my eyes anew each day, I am becoming clearer and clearer to witness what exists. Without the entrapments of schedule or routine, I am blessed to simply See and Be.