pam’s family has lived here for a long time. i found this in a collection of old photos.


This evening brings me INSIDE and in the town of Gearhart where I am staying with host, Pat, in her lovely home with her awesome dog, Annie, and black cat who has a Japanese name I can’t remember. One of my favorite parts of this stay is about to be the kitchen

where I am planning on cooking a delicious meal, complete with veggies from Pat’s garden. Thanks, Pat! is a great cyclist connector tool which has helped me on a few evenings when help was most needed. Besides this, I have mostly been staying at State Parks where the great Hike and Bike option is $5-10, depending on the park. This option has greatly helped in the freedom of movement on a budget throughout this trip.

This afternoon/tonight finds me uploading pictures from the trip, updating the blog (you’ll know find a Donate button and a link to my Flickr photostream where I’ll post pictures of the journey), and generally exploring the computer realm as it’s my first night indoors with a computer on the trip.

I’ve been taking it slow cycling through Oregon as I’ve really enjoyed the spaciousness and beauty of the coastline here. Aside from a rough tourist patch in the middle which I traversed over Labor Day, Oregon has been very down to earth and I’ve met kind, encouraging people along the way and been afforded ample time for solitude. This trip has largely been a time for me to clear out and look at patterns which are no longer serving me and to experience freedom as I move forward in and dream of my journey on this earth! For this I am grateful.

Tomorrow I hope to journey through Astoria, over the 4 mile bridge into Washington, where I may head into the Olympic Peninsula, experience the HOH rainforest, and then head into British Columbia, namely into Victoria Island and then Vancouver. The trip is still very open; I’m just taking it day by day, really morning by morning, afternoon by afternoon, and evening by evening seeing how I feel about where to go, what to do. I love traveling this way, and love traveling on my bicycle so much, I can’t imagine traveling in another way for quite some time.

The past few days have felt like an end preparing for another beginning. I feel hints of entering a community of some sort, whether for a few days, a week, a month, and filling up my reserves of tribe. The visit to Emerald Earth Ecovillage was so lovely, it really touched a place in me that loves communing and sharing life with others. Time and Space will tell as it all unfolds.

Much love to you on this evening,




The dinner was fantastic (Pat went out to dinner with friends so I was a free range wren in the kitchen)! Pat has a surplus of Kale and Leeks- need I say more? My eyes turned green as I eyed that plate and then I went out and harvested more. I’ll also mention that this house is 102 yo (the same age as Pat’s living father) and is a stone’s throw from the beach. Pat has been an amazingly hospitable host, another warmshowers’ blessing :)