there are places along the way which stop me in my tracks,

i pull over, attentive


in the bay of netarts

this morning winding through the fog i happen upon the three arches which look like they are a part of the secret treasure magic from the Goonies.

feeling worn, neurotic, and harried, i stop for a few moments to look upon these rocks, attracted from deep within as if they carry some message.

listen, we’ve been here forever. think a moment on what we’ve seen.
yes, that’s right, pirates, and before that the lives of countless gentler onlookers, countless cycles and generations.
stop, for a moment, look at how stalwart
you are. look at how solid, how ancient a being dwells in you.
rest in that,  
be that, you needn’t worry as a recent one. see your life from a bigger perspective. reflect on us, we’ll set you straight.