Sunday August 5th, dad and I take a day trip from Pasadena, California to Malibu. Drops me off at Point Mugo.

Monday 6th, point Mugo to Ojai, sleep at friend Laura’s friend’s

Tuesday 7th, ojai to Refugio Beach, that is moving through Santa Barbara, made it there at dusk, slept by the ocean to a star packed sky and waves lapping. Not using a map at this point.

Wednesday 8th, Refugio to Pismo Beach. Challenging evening at a crowded RV park between the highway and train tracks packed in on a postage stamp sleep site with four other cyclists. Couldn’t wait to leave next AM.

Thursday 9th, leave Grover (Pismo) beach, rode part way with Howard, ate lunch at Cambria, not sure where I was that night

Friday 10th, slept at San Simeon with some Germans and Chris who gave me a map set. I painted him a picture of the sunset in thanks.

I think I fudged a day, somewhere slept at Kirk’s Creek.

Saturday 11, Kirk’s Creek to Seaside, long ride through big sur. used this evening. Met some guys skateboarding the entire coast of California.

Sunday 12, seaside to new Brighton outside of Santa Cruz. They have a strict guideline on when you must leave, so luckily I met some sweet folks who let me sleep at their site the next day because I needed a day off from riding. That night a homeless guy made me a fish and potatoes dinner in the fire; it was delicious.

Monday 13th, rest day with Noreine and the gang. Sweet folks, included a talent show and visit from Father Paul, an old time friend.

Tuesday 14th, New Brighton to Butano, 1st time sleeping in a grove of redwoods. Ancient ladies speaking to me! Fending off more offers for herb smoking, as I’m not drinking or smoking on trip. This park was very lovely.

Wednesday 15th, Butano to Half Moon Bay. Trippy experiences with hawks hovering every where. I take it as a spiritual sign and rest and pray that evening. The next morning a hawk is perched 15 ft from me, statuesque though people are walking up to him, and remains there the entire morning.

Thursday 16th, half moon bay to Samuel p Taylor, Golden Gate Bridge Day! Beautiful day full of sunshine, thanks and quite proud of myself. Met Canadian who wanted to date me and travel together. We kept “bumping” into each other the next few days, so I had to set firm boundaries.

Friday 17th, Samuel p Taylor to ACTC camp, bike gang from Santa Cruz invited me and Leonard to their camp, a night of plenitude, beauty and fraternizing with a hundred cyclists!

Saturday 18th, camp near Russian River to Gualala. Beautiful place that evening amazed by the sunset and striking beauty of the wind and waves and ocean. Blown away. Dinner conversations with two writers about balancing the pulls of travel and stability.

Sunday 19th, Gualala state park, I only have this listed but I dont think I stayed here all day- either way on the way to Emerald Earth Sanctuary at this point.

Monday 20th, hendy woods on way to
Boonville, placed broken shards of food bowl near the hermit hut

Tuesday 21st, Boonville, Emerald Earth!, slept under the stars, getting to know the place and people.

Wednesday 22nd, Emerald Earth, meeting lovely folks, eating more diverse foods, weeding, harvesting, invited to stay longer so playing with that decision, create plaster rooster in sunshine with Brent on the back of the cob chicken coop

Thursday 23rd, plastering, weeding, picking. Good conversations withCassidy after dinner as others are making chèvre.

Friday 24th, scavenger hunt morning for kids, pond swim, cry as I say goodbye, my heart really loved that place as if I’d been there before, kindred. Slept at Russian Gulch outside of Mendocino where I met magical woman Kathleen who gave me her Sophia based philosophy disguised as a teen novel.

Saturday 25th, Russian gulch to mackerricker outside of Ft Bragg, met more magical ladies that mornin And bumped into Kathleen again. Magic is in the air! This is a place I may return to to live and study. Good sharing that night with two cycling brothers.

Sunday 26th, from Mac and the biggest hill of the trip! Legget! 7 miles uphill. Broke spoke on way down (when I’d reached the top I’d thought I was only a third of the way up though :) elated!), met wonderful people who helped me into town cuz it was a real spoke and needed tools I didn’t have to fix. Warmshowers angels Sam and Shirley took me to their off the grid home stead above the clouds that night (their daughter lived and got married at emerald earth!)

Monday 27th, bike shop fixed bike fr free! And shirley packed me a sack lunch! I feel special and full, moving through the avenue of the giants redwood area. Officially in humbolt county, smelling herb everywhere! Slept at Burlington that night, sweet park host gave me a pad of paper so I could write

Tuesday 28th, redwood forest to clam beach, which was basically a dune cut out right on the beach. Shared a site with some fine easterners that night.

Wednesday 29th, clambeach to Harris beach! Woohoo Oregon! A Long ride that day, and very satisfying.

Thursday 30th, rest day, walk to town! Eat a dozen eggs, paint the sunset, full moon wild woman.

Friday 31st, Harris beach to humbug mountain, the winds are picking up! Beautiful site, met first other solo female cyclist.

September!! My beloved birth month.

Two more days mark the first month on the road!