Alright, short break in there as I wash my clothes and hang em to dry, charge my phone, pay for another night, cut my toe, eat some almonds and drink some water…

September 1st a Saturday, humbug mnt to bullard’s beach, later I learned there are puffins near the town of Bandon (bullard’s location)

Sunday September 2nd, bullard’s to sunset bay, this was a short day in which I went the wrong way twice! The sunset at sunset bay was amazing. It was low tide, I’d just met this sweet family and we walked out into the bay together, the sun so close, gazing at the horizon as the light left and darkness came upon us. I also saw a shrimp that night and met some sweet people from San Francisco.

Monday 3rd, sunset bay to honeyman, this was special as I dated a beekeeper earlier in the year. Being labor day, however, it was like critical mass for RVs, SuVs pulling ATVs, it was crazy and smelly and windy in my face. That evening I was far from the ocean too, high up past some dunes. I scooted out before 8 the next morning.

Tuesday 4th, honeyman to Beverly beach. Made it here in the evening after being solicited by another town who wanted me to stay. One twinkling eyed wise woman even offered me a primitive cabin at her house 20 miles inland. It was tempting, the rest, privacy and apples she spoke of, but I kept going, and glad I did! I met some amazing people that night, ate a delicious dinner at a health food store (and got some granola that is already been gobbled), and saw a beautiful sunset on the beach. I was especially thankful for this encounter because this group of friends from Seattle and Chicago biking south asked me so many questions and interestedly let me share my story. Such kind, enthusiastic, kindred spirits. And, as we talked about enchanted forests, nature spirits and communing with our inner selves, one, Libby, said, you would love to meet my friends who are involved with Lorian, an incarnational spirituality center n of Seattle, and she gave me their number. This sounds like a place I’d like to explore.

Wednesday 5th, Beverly to devil’s lake, more exhaust and tourist towns, not particularly fun. Took an afternoon nap after a late start and short ride and saw an osprey hovering that evening on devil’s lake, another sign to go inward, listen, hover!

Thursday 6th, devil’s lake to cape lookout. Beautiful ride, got an early start, saw the sun for about an hour all day. Took a hike when I got there and met the sun again, returned to camp and wrote down key points in my life over the past 5 years. I turn 26 next Friday and as oregon comes to a close and I feel closer to stopping, I am reflecting on my goals for the next cycle and the next 5 years.

Friday the 7th, today! Basking in the sunshine and reflecting, sharing some notes with you all as I look where I’ve come from and meditate on where I’m headed.