I unknowingly chose to slog through oregon’s armpit this week. Forget scenic views forget the beauty of it all
Oregon has decided to sell its coastline, a precious gem, to hoards and swaddles of tourists Driving monstrous RVs toting SUVs in rear,
The host of exhaust mongering trucks on this route is disgusting and I am enraged

Where are people living?
Are they breathing or any longer desiring clean
Water or Air
Or real food?

What has taken over this slew of humans to make them think it a good idea to spend $100s of dollars on gas a day, neglecting to make sure they are exuding clean exhaust, to stay in frumpy hotel rooms with stale air, eating processed food that hardly nourishes or feeds the body in a viable way?

I Don’t Understand!

One health store per town (if that) and thousands of gas stations

And I am angry as I bike down these roads packed with cars, trucks, RVs spouting unbreathable air and at times not heeding my presence

I can’t breathe!! It’s ugly and I don’t get how people can’t see or feel the consequences of their actions!!

Hoping to make it out of the fog and tourist infested blacktops soon.