More than a few times on this trip I have been craving things

Some times it is sugar and after I eat some (like this delicious thing called a Sin-dog, for instance), I can actually feel my brain relax and the sugar recognition pathways coat and lather themselves in sugar and feel satisfied for a time.

Other times I crave Sex, and lucky for me I’ve encountered some nipple tantalizing downhills and an enchanted forest who wanted me.

Bread and butter have been the bread and butter of the trip
Biting whole chunks from the cold stick chasing it with a nib of bread on cool days, smothering bread with the sun melted yellow fat on the hot ones, and always pan fried butter with bread Yes.

One time i’ve craved a nutritive kombucha with oat straw nettles and a host of other tonic herbs, and after I drank that I felt my brain and its thoughts change and I wondered if those billions of organisms were changing my molecular composition do quickly and along with that who I am.

And yes of course kale and other dark green things dark chocolate and Vitamin C (supplanted by rose hips found along the way).

But just now rolling through this valley singing along after the tumultuous fog ridden, Babylonian and difficult menstruating past few days, I realize I also crave sunshine (and natural open spaces), live off of it, rely on it and love it

Dare I say
I am a sun worshipper
And along with that I just got a long nose full of cow manure and i breathed that in deep, a relief after all that fucking exhaust, and felt it coat the shit pathways in my brain and I felt happy and high.