I’ve been preparing to leave for the journey for the past few days. My parents brought my road bike, Patience, and bob yak trailer out from Indiana as they were already traveling cross country. So I’ve been to the Bike Oven in Highland Park to replace my brake pads, tru my tires and drop off tomatoes from our community garden, HaBEEb, traveled to a local bike shop for parts and for a hub adjustment, gone to REI for a dry compression sack, sleeping pad, and a few other essentials, and said goodbye to friends and places around here.

It’s a challenge for me to leave a place, especially when I have lived here for the past 8 months and become very engaged in the community, actually putting roots in the ground in the form of plants. But after the send-off dinner last night at Laura’s, where in March I met most of the people who became the central figures in my life through the past 5 months, I feel a sense that I have come full-circle, and am finally ready to go.

I’ve been reading lots of bike blogs, looking at maps, and spending time visioning for the journey. What is clear to me at this point is that I want to leave the trip as open as possible for anything to happen. I am setting the intention to visit as many ecovillages and other land experiments as possible, but I don’t want to set limits on what that could look like or where that could take me. I am  leaving lots of room for magic and for anything to be possible. I am so excited to see Northern California.

In this trip I’ll be tapping into different roles I’ve played in the past: adventure trip leader, pilgrim, itinerant worker, etc. I’m giving away most of my belongings and leaving behind a few simple boxes full of winter clothes to potentially ship if I decide to land somewhere for winter. In its essence, this trip is me taking flight for the next cycle of my life. As I was working that massage job last month, and moving from one housesit to the next taking some time away from landing at night at my grandma’s house, I realized that I’m ready to make home, to be more grounded and be stable, but not in a way where I work a job in the city and rent a room somewhere, or even save up to buy a house. I’m ready for the next step, and it entails creating an intentioned existence, from the ground-up. It’s necessarily time, then, that I set off with that intention. Finding an ecovillage, gathering skills to build a house, and saving money up along the way.

Money is a bit of a concern for me along the way, and I’m choosing to think positively about it. There are many possible scenarios: Working odd jobs as I go, landing somewhere for a month sharing a skill of mine, writing travel/h0mesteading/paradigm shift articles, updating the blog often and including a paypal button for people who are interested enough in the journey to support it monetarily. As I realized in conversation with Laura and Iesha last night, I have a lot of self-sustaining skills, but not many that are easily translatable into the mainstream culture, which controls much of economic wealth in terms of money. And because I am not willing to sacrifice my life blood for any length of time within the dominant paradigm to earn dolla dolla bills, I am choosing to be creative about the way I earn my money. Here it comes!

I sat down with Ginko earlier in the week, she making stamps and I watercoloring travel cards for the journey, and she spoke out a vision of the journey that I closed my eyes to and mmm alongside. She basically painted a light vision of how the trip and eventual homesteading could go, one to which I can close my eyes and remember now. I’m not ready to articulate it in speech yet, but it does rest inside of me as a seed of hope.

I’m feeling I’ll leave tomorrow morning as that’s the time my mom also flies back to Indiana. On my route, I’ll stop by the Throop garden and say goodbye to the last of the Pasadena throng faithfully strong there every Sunday morning. From there I haven’t planned my journey in a detailed way, but I’d like to be near the ocean and make my way up the coast line. My first scheduled destination is at the Emerald Earth Sanctuary, an ecovillage in Mendocino County.

Along the way, I’ll sleep on the side of the road, connect with Warmshowers.org hosts, and with other people I meet synchronistically. I look forward to getting out of LA in it’s congested and polluted city-ness and meeting the more spacious and unknown ‘scapes of the north.

This post marks the next cycle of ourdailyride, a thoughtform birthed a year ago. In the past month I have died and been reborn, now looking forward to discovering this form and feeling out the new hats that will be worn and outfits shorn along this path.

Give us this day our daily ride, and let us not worry where we will lay our head or where our food will come from. Lead my physical form on the high road of guidance by your spirit. Keep me humble, and strong in heart. Let me be a blessing to the pilgrims, each one, I meet along the way. Let this journey be a spark to ignite souls along their true paths. Instead of worry, give me grace and faith. Make of me a conduit of your love, of You. Speak to me always, Great Spirit, and grant me ears to hear, for apart from your voice there is nothing worth hearing.