today a crow cawed from my loins, specifically my right upper leg

later i hiked
and when i perched, crows circled, voicing

naturally, i asked them the meaning of this


the meaning of the crow
ask your leg, it will know

on the way there I heard,

it’s time to go home
ancient trickster, wise womyn
the spell of the earth is broken
the veil, the veil is thin
spirit walking once again

atop the rock the leg speaks,

but if I don’t move nothing will get done!

the crow calaughs,

so they all say under the sun!
look again, oh you who see
are you the cause of the wind,
or the tides in the sea?
do you bring in the storm
and the snow, too?
what led you to believe
it’s all up to you?

a laugh escaped from my mouth, I admit
my lips also caked with a wee bit o’ spit

the crows cawed as they flew away,
seemingly ending the dialogue that day

but i heard them still
throughout the valley
as the sun warmed my neck
and the wind blew my belly

some kind fellow travelers exchanged conversation
and the crows continued circling in no minor elation

i hear from within
and this is the end,

Go home Go home Now
and without asking how
i put hand to my heart,
and give it a start.