i want to write down a few interesting nibbles from the etymology harvest yesterday. and here is an intro, which i wrote last night:

“i have been on an etymology hunt since late last night. sometimes words beckon to me at odd hours, coyly smiling from behind their petals and the leaf-years of time and space which have greatly altered them. so i must, i must prod at their roots, turn the soil surrounding what meets the surface and dig, as if for tubers, into the oftentimes stunning and tunneling history of the stuff which makes our sentences

which make out thoughts,

actions, relationships, stories. the pieces of our very existence, the fabrication of our realities.

last night i read the word diffidence and wasn’t quite sure what it meant. after sniffing around the etymology, realizing it is closely tied to a root i’ve fingered and digested many times, i must have slipped the word, its root and relations into the cheek of my subconscious. for this morning, i woke up with it in my mouth.”

fides: the latin root of both confidence and diffidence (which basically just depict with or without faith). fides derives from b heidh which means to trust, confide, persuade, bide, abide, abode, to wait, stay, await, trustingly, expectingly.

i offer the following as a prompt for meditation~ it is not a processed and pretty piece

as the above depicts, i began the day yesterday with a sense of faith which was not faith in myself, but a faith in the mysterious life force which moves through life, in my life and in me. the etymology of god is from gheu(e – backwards and upside down) which means to call, invoke. the etymology of will is wel which means to wish. a wish is a desire, a longing, a strong inclination and the root is wen, to desire, strive for. the root of divine means to shine, sky, heaven, god and two of the definitions of divine are being in the service or worship of a deity, and to know by inspiration, intuition or reflection.

from these roots, god is what we call upon (and so create in the calling) and to divine is to reach this shining heavenly center through inspiration, intuition and reflection. the act of creation happens through our will, or our wishing, that which we strive for. of course, in the end, this is just a way to articulate the process – a way words have been used to describe something which exists. but it certainly makes me wonder on the nature of reality, which is the reason i dig up these roots, to help get to the bottom of the questions, and actions, what is God, how do we talk about it, and what does it have to do with us. maybe answers can be found by looking at how we do talk about it.

How are things created, by invoking them (literally in-voc in-voicing them, speaking about them) and is God or gods created in this way (many of the creation myths state that God created by voicing)?

How are things manifested, by believing in them, by trusting in them to the point where i “know” they are real (knowing meaning having a firm conviction that something is true) and so make them real?

this brings into question the power of belief to bring things into being in our lives. bringing this back to concepts of witches and magicians who cast spells and incantations (spell, think Spelling Bee, relating to our words and incantation as canticle~ song);  their powers were basically from speech, creation through articulation (spellbound).

As Jesus says, if you only have faith you could say to that mountain Move and it would move. As Jesus says in Matthew 9:29 to the blind one, because of your faith it will happen. which comes first here, faith or healing or is the healing because of the faith. a co-arising.

it seems in writing about this i have come around again to reaching this point that i have reached before. now it is time to put this awareness into practice. peace.