highlands, north carolina at the mountain retreat and learning center

May 5, 2009

its hard to say exactly what happened on the hike today. i can call it an adventure, a synthesis, a symbol. jane calls it deep; i feel sheepish when people call me deep. Dont all humans think this way?

i hiked and i wanted the boundaries gone. i erased the boundaries by erasing my clothes. i took off my clothes at abe’s creek falls. i took off my clothes, put them in my bag and kept hiking. i hiked until the forest took my spirit and then i left my bag, stood there for a second and kept hiking. the forest took my spirit and replaced it with the deep spirit of all existence. i felt as though i were an avenue for life. i felt as though my intuitive thoughts and dreams built upon cognition were the most important thing for the universe. i saw my deep self and i saw the great work that i was privileged to do. i saw my great responsibility as an opportunity that to not do would be a disservice.