today i tried an experiment. let me know if you have tried it.

on sunday i went to central park near my house. i rode my bike there in the afternoon. i got there before my friends so i circled the park, following its serpentine paths looping on the edge and within the park. i went pee and did not touch the door or lock it so i didn’t have to wash my hands. i watched the people teaching their children to skateboard, congregating and cheering on top of picnic tables as one man brought a big 24-pack of bottled waters for his friends, playing on swingsets, walking dogs, leaning against trees.

finally my friends came and we walked to a big open grassy spot. guitars, a drum, kazoos, a love box to add to or take from, shakers that look like a potato and tomato. my friend cody gave me a book and a bag i didn’t look in until later. he said, there’s a note inside and a whirling meditation. it is a book by osho titled meditation. that day we had fun spinning, dancing, singing, chanting, giving oranges to people leaning against trees and teaching their children to skateboard, standing on our heads and holding hands, talking with people who are homeless and creative. i left with a big smile that i shared with people as i pedaled home. most people smiled back, especially one person i gave some orange to. we were surprised to cross paths again and it elicited a laugh.

but today was the day i tried the whirling meditation. i should’ve listened to the advice to not eat 3 hours prior to spinning. it was to be an hour, or up to an hour, let’s say. it lasted 14 minutes, but really didn’t feel like any amount of time. i still feel funny.

turn clockwise, bare feet on the grass. right arm palm upward to the sky, left arm palm down and out. turn turn slowly at first, relax eyes, realize the center. turn turn more quickly, give yourself to the turning, do not focus on anything, let everything blur, turn.

previously cold, i start to sweat and my legs feel weak. i smile, i growl, laugh, cease thinking, observe, laugh again, feel sick.

after some time, my legs stumble, as directed in the book. (fall when you fall, don’t plan it.) i turn onto my stomach and close my eyes. head spinning, feeling the earth sinking into me. or is it the other way around? (feel your naval connect to the earth, feel the steady ground of being.) i wish i didn’t put so much cedarwood oil on. so strong. i shouldn’t’ve eaten. thoughts sparse and flowing quickly.

i am there for what feels like 15 minutes. (know the support of the earth.) (take an hour to complete the meditation; some people are changed forever.) something starts to bite my legs, feels like fleas jumping around. the neighbor starts to use a leafblower. i think i may start to get cold; my body is damp in the evening chill. i roll up, feeling sick to my stomach.