Oh darling I love you full here and now
This living’s all experimental on the knife’s edge who can say what will be I’m living fully here and now
don’t know how i’ll feel in mexico where the wind will drift this little wren with wings as strong as the stuff of trees light as a feather strung together as a rock’s consistency

carried anywhere

On the knife’s edge here

You’re rooting down down down

Let’s sit down down down

The three meals a day convinced you to stay

You’ve sat down down down

And I don’t know what that’s like for me

Never felt so free to sit down before

It’s all experimental living

Going where I’m called following the inner imperative

To the reaches of the heavens to here now to sit

Down down down

 I feel my roots in my body electric swirling churning flittering muladara nest wings birthing a burn growing down down down first time I’ve ever thought to sit and stay and let my roots play to dance with another’s with many upon many also being called never thought to sit before now

Your vision of me in the heart space How can the wise Woman speak in a room full of Witch Hunters, protected I mySelf from the moment I sniffed the fires

Burned flesh of my sisters seared in their rule books

Shhhhh for a time Shhhhhh live inside

Running better than this doubt

So I ran

You saw the vision like a chicken in the back yard you know the saying

Homeless children can’t get tired there’s no place to go except to the ends of the earth to shake hands with the abyss and relinquish this form to its original plan

Feeling roots grow down down and standing on the platform knowing I don’t have to run anymore running my hands across your smooth back giving it a good scratch I know I don’t have to run anymore with the inner eye feeling light of the sky and knowing I don’t have to run anymore making peace with the Christ within and knowing I don’t have to run anymore

This is really a song about home and finding within what I searched in previous daze from without

Oh torrential trembling sadness release from this madness step into the shoes in the back pocket all along with a burning imperative cherishing even the windings holdin it all, all of the findings

This is really a song about love, singing about being in it all the while

And when they blew out the candle, I glowed from the inside