This morning before breakfast I told Michael, I’m going to take this morning, sit in a reflective space, and write. Indeed, it’s dark out, I just returned from a walk in the brisk cool damp air (feels wet compared to the dry cold of the desert southwest I just inhabited in the last 3 weeks),  and I am now sitting to write.

We enjoyed the day pressing Echinacea tincture (homegrown 2- year old root in organic grain alcohol), feasting on a divine layout of squash (butternut, spaghetti, sweet dumpling, carnival) from his abundant stores, and I picked seeds out of prickly milk thistle pods for liver detox medicine and we read books and poured through seed catalogs.



Next week this time we will be on a bus headed to Tulum, MX (a part of the Yucutan peninsula South of Cancun), or perhaps sweetly nestled in a hostel we booked there. Michael needs the rest after Spring, Summer, Fall constant farming, and we decided to co-create an incredible journey full of tropical beaches, fascinating animals and plants and people, vestiges of ancient civilizations, and an all-around exploration of the area paired with abundant rest and communion.

Our connection has come about as smoothly as a gently flowing brook (with the excitement of some turbulent eddies!) and is quickly fulfilling many of our deepest relational dreams. I am most amazed by our Communication and the integrated, holistic way we connect. It is truly a bringing together by Spirit of spirit and I am very thankfull! Aliveness, Rootedness, Co-creation, Heart-Opening!

Michael and I will journey around the Yucatan for nearly 2 weeks and then he will fly home to continue winter’s work of organizing for the upcoming year’s apprenticeship program with the Center for Community Empowerment – quickly growing into Living Roots Ecovillage, sharing fresh and local veggies at Bloomington’s Winter Market and for his CSAs, and eating many more delicacies on his amazing plate.

And I, I will – Pending – remain in Mexico, following Spirit’s lead, perhaps as far south as Patagonia in South America. It has always been a dream of mine to travel from Mexico to South America, and here now I am with the opportunity. I am inspired by one fuel idea for the journey, perhaps you’ll have a helpful idea or tidbit to share.

I was told I had Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) when I was around 20 years old – 5 years ago. For me, it has now manifested in a lack of period (or, as was the case when I was in high school, an abundance of blood – a constant, mild period without cramps or mood swings – that I remember ;), but no facial hair, deeper voice, weight gain (all from the over abundance of testosterone), or disturbingly uncomfortable periods (that are the common side effects). I’ve taken birth control and progesterone to balance, but found that I didn’t resonate with either. 2 years ago I tried traditional medicine again and had some blood drawn and tests taken, but quickly became frustrated with the stick and poke invasive methods of the doctors who admitted they didn’t know what was going on with me. Juliana, my wise poet lover friend, thinks that most women are wounded in some way  in these areas – the 1st/2nd chakra relational/sexual/women’s system chakras, and that that’s the reason for the disharmony in these systems.

So. A wild seed has been sown in me to travel around with intention to find holistic, rooted remedies and wisdoms that speak to my specific dis-ease. Perhaps this is happening to women everywhere and I can find medicine. We shall see how it grows.

The journey comes at the perfect time. I returned at the end of last week, as I referenced above, from a 3 week journey in the desert southwest, specifically the 4 corners region (see pictures here), although I spent time in 3 out of the 4 corners (next time, Arizona, when you aren’t oddly covered in snow from your tip downward! – a little difficult for sleeping on roadsides, in ditches, at the base of trees…).

You see, I was pulled to try a trust experiment, one in which I surrendered (melting into) to Spirit’s leadings. The experimental aspect was that I had no mode of transportation (save my very able feet!) and no real plans, only an intention to search out ancient ways and present energy centers, and to spend an allotment of time in each of the 4 corners. (A questioning I carried: To every person a car, a house with many rooms, and locked doors. Can people “be trusted”? And what of setting intentions in the universe to attract energy we are putting out, is it a valid way to go about our days?) Perhaps I will share more details of the trip in this blog. I did keep a journal of all of the happenings and the great testament of the amazing behind-the-scenes and, at times, very showcased workings of the Spirit who flows through All-That-Is. In surrender, I find great freedom and beyond-my-wildest-dreams, make me laugh at the synchronicity kinda stuff. If I am inspired, I am pleased to share here.

In summary, I want to make an intention that anyone reading this right now be Filled with Divine Light and Love and Open to all of the blessings and abundance in his or her or per life Right Now.


in the heart of God,