Juliana, you are right, I am made of sheer fierce spirit. I am feeling that more and more on this trip. And Michael, yes, I am power.

These are two affirmations that have been crucial on this trip. I am learning many things, two of which are these:

in order for something to be possible, one must first believe in it.

worrying is Counter-Productive.

Landing in Grand Junction, CO at dark 6 hours late last Wednesday, I stayed at the Melrose Hostel. I had planned on hiking to the nearby Colorado National Monument, but, then again, I had also planned on arriving at 3:30 pm. The next morning I awoke with significant anticipation and trip jitters. How am I to make it the 190 miles over buttes and mesas to Moab, UT? I tried to sniff out Spirit’s path by listening very closely to inner voice. 2 hours of wandering later I was walking along 1-70 praying for an angel. This is actually a very hilarious part of the trip and I am sure angels and spirit guides alike were laughing at me! One time I even decided I was going to climb over the western mesa that surrounds Grand Junction like a bowl and hike through the desert. Hitchhiking or carpooling, as I like to refer to it can, can be a scary endeavor and Lord knows I’ve thrown up prayers until my cup floweth over. And even then it can be scary. So far, I have met very kind people with good intentions (and a few with good advice even!). I have 9 minutes left on this library computer in Moab, so I’ll say that I found a Nice Guy named Nate who took me all the way from just outside of G.J. to Arches N.P. just outside of Moab (he said multiple times, “I’ve been there before, I’ve been there before,” assuming that I was in a position of not being able to afford bus fare of having a car — I didn’t mention that indeed I am choosing to walk/carpool/fly on my own wings and on the wings of spirit instead of choosing other modes of transport).

Skip ahead to Arches, What a beautiful place full of grand canyons of fins and space and rich colors and wind and such sweet sleeping spots Dare I say I’ll be able to find such serene, majestic places again. I found sweet rides from park rangers (if you pull their leg, they’ll give you a ride!), Mark, one environmental engineer from Houston taking the week to photograph the vistas, and an Indian couple. I slept in the backcountry spots namely, Upper Courthouse Wash, Upper Salt Wash, and in the Devil’s Garden off the Fin. It was enchanting imagining earlier peoples who lived in and traveled through these places.

And I have been tested emotional, spiritually, psychologically and physically! It has been wonderful and purifying. I have found that like the elements in which I am living and having my being, I, too, am formidable like the rocks and so fierce like the wind that cuts the rocks into the beautiful designs. Will write more later on everything I am learning. Staying at the Lazy Lizard tonight and hoping to make my way to Grand Mesa or Zion next I haven’t decided.

Sure am sleeping well. And finding such EnCouragement from all of my beautiful friends back home. Pictures and more details to come when I find more time at a computer station.

Love love,

Ren Discoverer ;)