i am completely with you momma i walk with you and rest in you each moment i live and breathe and move in you what have i to fear what can human do to me in you i live and breathe and move and have my being you are the orchestrator and i rest in you it is a matter of perspective what need have i that will not be fulfilled in your timing what can i want beyond being in your restful hand this is the reason for my throwing myself out of the bounds of security and out of the provisioning for myself perhaps this provisioning for myself can be related to lack of trust in you dear mother

i died to my old form and its habits and ways of seeing have arisen in this new form when i land at the train station in grand junction i will look around and know that i am in your hand always what need have i to fear fear will serve no purpose i am here to do your will i love you momma and i know you want to take care of me i know you care about me and my earth momma cares for me so much and how much more perfect is your love for me what need have i to fear i am never out of your presence